The Void | Gullfoss Aurora

The Void | Gullfoss Aurora

After a week of whipping storms mixed with rain and sleet, our last night's weather conditions were setting up to be perfect for Aurora viewing - the activity was predicted to be high and the skies looked promising. Unfortunately, we had booked a hotel in southern Iceland, and as is the case with the temperamental Icelandic weather, cloud covered spoiled our initial plans. In order to adapt to the conditions, we spent over 6 hours chasing the Aurora Borealis in our SUV during the night, navigating through central Iceland until early morning. We journeyed along the Ring Road and up to the Golden Circle and witnessed the Northern lights dancing above isolated barns, Icelandic horses, and the powerful geysers in Geysir.

The best place we viewed the Aurora was at Gullfoss, where the temperature was so cold, the spray from the powerful falls would instantly frost over my lens and required some interesting defrosting techniques to obtain a clear picture. The massive waterfall at Gullfoss was actually terrifying in the dark because as I wandered out onto the snowbank at the edge, I was consumed by the fear of not knowing where solid ground was and potentially falling through a snowbank into the void below. Luckily, the ground was sure, and I was able to get this view of this mystic place.

Gullfoss, Iceland